About the Project

Decrease of food waste and loss as well as food waste prevention stays in the middle of the food policy of the Czech Republic and other EU Member States. In the framework of a European research project called EU FUSIONS, general recommendations for mapping and monitoring of food loss from social, economical and enviromental perspective have been formulated. 

The aim of RedPot project (Reduction of Food Waste in Public Catering) is to connect to these general recommendations, suggest and formulate the national methodology for analysis followed by the actual reduction of food waste in public catering in the Czech Republic. This methodology shall become a science-based background material in the area of food waste and loss reduction for:

a) public administration and policy makers and their knowledge based policy making: 

b) companies of public catering involved or even not directly involved in the project, for technological as well as organisational innovations.

Project uses analytical as well as participative methods and therefore it supports cooperation and inter-linking of business, academic, NGOs/CSOs and decision making spheres actors with the overall aim to reduce the food waste.

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